Thursday, September 1, 2011

Crock Pot Chicken and Noodles

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I'm back.  I know it has been a while since I posted a recipe.  August brought many things for us. We had our family vacation which was long overdue to the Outer Banks in North Carolina.  This was a much needed vacation for many, many reasons.  It had been 5 years since we actually were able to go anywhere and the first one my daughter remembers.  She absolutely loved the beach.  We had a wonderful time and had beautiful weather the entire week.  Listening to the waves wash up on the shore was so relaxing for me.  I definitely was able to clear my head, absolute paradise in my opinion.  I saw smiles on my family's faces that had all but disappeared.  I can not put into words the joy that vacation brought our family.  Those memories will be cherished for years to come.

This is my favorite picture I took on vacation.  

Once we returned things went a little crazy.  We live in northeast Virginia and had our first earthquake.  I was at work talking on the phone to my husband who was in the next town when everything started to shake.  It took a few seconds to register what was happening.  I cannot tell you how crazy and surreal that was for me.  I still cannot believe that actually happened.  Then, Hurricane Irene decided to grace us with her presence.  We had planned on my daughter's 5th birthday party and decided to move the time up because we did not know what we were in for.  We had just finished the presents, cake and ice cream and lunch when wouldn't you know it, the power went out and stayed out until the next evening.  Hurricane Irene was not friendly at all.  Some here are still without power almost a week later.  We only had to endure a little over 24 hours and I cannot imagine almost a week.  We made the best of it.  Thankfully my daughter had new toys to play with the keep her busy.  We played board games as a family that evening.  That turned out to be a little difficult as it got dark.  Playing by candlelight and flashlights was very interesting.  We live in a very small house and we are surrounded by trees.  On the bedroom side of our house are very tall pine trees.  I just knew one of those trees were going to come crashing down on top of us.  I cannot put into words the worry I was feeling.  We all camped out in the living room that night to at least be together if there was a problem.  I even had the family get a set of extra clothes in case we had to leave.  We were prepared as the wind felt like it shook our house.  The worst of the storm for us was after midnight and later.  Needless to say there was not much sleeping going on here.  Our daughter slept pretty good considering the circumstances.  I was very thankful to wake up the next morning to no damage to our home.  We have a few trees that are leaning and need to be removed. Our neighbor lost a tree, my mom lost quite a few trees and some damage to their home and garage.  We were all so blessed and are very thankful to be safe and unharmed.  Hurricane Isabel came through in September of 2003 and she was wicked but Irene packed more of a punch in my opinion.  It was the storm that just went on forever.  Very grateful that God placed his hands over our family and protected us. 

This is our fat cat Diamond, my sons pride and joy. She wanted to play games too!

This is the tree leaning in our back yard, my daughters playhouse used to sit under it.  My husband and son decided to go and save it during the storm.  Needless to say they were successful but my blood pressure had to be way up there watching them do it. If you look closely the tree its leaning on is also leaning. 

This is our neighbors tree. 

This was our breakfast Sunday morning. We also cooked scrambled eggs.  This was so good.

Mom and Dad had to have coffee.  This was a coffee filter filled with coffee grinds and tied up with thread.  Gotta give it to you Mom this was some really good coffee.

My big "5" year old!  My little hurricane and earthquake all in one.  It's only fitting we had it all in the same week.  She is my handful for sure. 

Well now on to the recipe....

This is something I threw together on my lunch break today.  I just love my crock pot.  I love how you can throw anything in there and it just turns out so yummy.  This dish did not disappoint either. 

First I had only two chicken breasts.  This could be done with whatever you have on hand. Place the chicken in the crock pot and add a can of chicken broth, I cheated and used bouillon granules, its the same thing.  Pour over the chicken a large can of cream of chicken soup. Season with pepper, Ms. Dash table blend, or any seasoning you prefer, and celery seed.  You could use real celery I just didn't have any.  Cook on low for 6 to 8 hours or high for 4 hours.  Boil your egg noodles.  Shred the chicken and add the noodles once done.  Enjoy!

Served Up With Love!

Crock Pot Chicken and Noodles

2 chicken breasts, use more if you have it or what ever cut of chicken( I usually use 4)
Large can of cream of chicken soup
seasoning (I use black pepper and Mrs. Dash Table Blend)
celery seed (few dashes)
chicken broth (1 cup)
1/2 bag of egg noodles, cooked and drained

Place chicken in the crock pot. Pour chicken broth over chicken, pour cream of chicken soup over and add seasonings. Cook on low for 6-8 hours or 4 hours on high.  This really is a dump and go recipe. Enjoy.

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Shawn said...

Happy Belated Birthday to your little sweetie!

It's a good thing you vacationed the week before...Like you, we got a taste of the quake and Irene...But GOD is Good :)

In the meantime, nothing could be more comforting than your chicken & noddles. I can't wait to make this dish!

MM said...

Glad you are back...and safe! That is a great picture.

Looks like yall MacGyvered your way through Irene pretty well! I would have had to find a way to make coffee too :)

Joan@chocolateandmore said...

I love smart and simple, my kids would love this!

Andrea said...

I would love to make this recipe, it looks yummy! How much chicken broth did you use? I'm afraid if I use too much it will come out runny. What does a large can of weigh? Thanks so much for posting, I the pictures :)

Served up with Love said...

a small can of chicken broth is about maybe a cup, I dont have one on hand to go by, sorry. The cream of chicken you can use 2 small cans (10 3/4 oz) on one large one. It is really easy and doesnt require much broth because the chicken will make some of its own. Please let me know if you try it. Its simple and oh so good!

Andrea said...

Thanks so much for getting back to me! I realized in my haste I forgot to put in large can of Cream Of Chicken Soup, so glad that you answered the amounts of both liquids for me. I'll def get back to you when I make it. I love doing Crock-Pot recipes in the summer cuz the house stays so much cooler and you're not 'slaving' over a hot stove :)

signingcharity said...

I made this today and it turned out great. My hubby told me to keep this recipe!

Thank you

Served up with Love said...

So glad you got to try is a family favorite for us. I amazes me how I came up with this recipe on my lunch break one day and I have been making it ever since! Many thanks and I hope you find many more great recipes here. Much Love!

Anonymous said...


Served up with Love said...

I use black pepper and Mrs. Dash Table Blend when I make this. Sorry hope this helps

kellisretrokitchenarts said...

This came in the nick of time! My husband just asked for this a couple of days ago and since I have never made it or had it in my entire life, I needed help! On FB another blogger friend had shared your recipe. Yay! I can make this today........thank you!

Marlys-thisandthat said...

Love crockpot food and this sounds delicious... thanks for sharing on Foodie Friends Friday and remember to come back on Sunday to vote.

Elisia allen said...

Hi I am a new follower from Http:// would love it if you visited! I see your vacation was to outer banks I live in Myrtle beach! ;-D

Marlys-thisandthat said...

Thanks for sharing this on Foodie Friends Friday and remember to come back and vote on Sunday.

Anonymous said...

How much chicken broth and cream of chicken did you use? Thank you! :)

Served up with Love said...

I use a large can of cream of chicken or two regular size cans and I use 1 can of chicken broth or about 1 cup. Hope you get to try it soon, thanks for stopping by

Lovetocook!!! said...

Do you dump the noodles in to? I'm so new to crock pot cooking I have no idea half the time lol

Served up with Love said...

Hi Lovetocook!! I usually just cook these in another pan and add in when done, I am usually home after it is already done and dont have time to add the noodles. But I think you could add the last half hour and they should cook fine. Let me know if you try it, this is a family favorite.

Lovetocook!!! said...

I did from the start! One word amazing! Not a single bite left:) thank you so much for sharing

Served up with Love said...

So glad it worked out for you. Just something I threw together one day on my lunch break and it has been a winner ever since!

Anonymous said...

I'm very new to cooking. Do I put the chicken in raw?

Served up with Love said...

Yes you can put this in raw and also I usually put this in frozen and it does fine. I usually buy the bags of frozen chicken at the grocery store. Turns out perfect every time. Thanks for stopping by and I hope this helps you.

Mikkie Schrader said...

How much noodles?

Served up with Love said...

I have updated the recipe to reflect the noodles, I usually do about 1/2 bag of noodles