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  1. Hi, Melissa,
    I happened upon your website. LOVE all the slow cooker recipes. My husband and I are in the market for a new slow cooker. We had a cheapy West Bend that definitely was not working and we'd like to invest in a new one that works much better. Is there a brand/model that you would recommend? I know there are several reviews out there on the web but I like to ask someone that actually uses theirs a lot. Thanks again :)

  2. Hello there,
    I love my slow cooker and the one I have now is a Rival Crock Pot with the removable crock and a timer. For me the timer is key since I work outside the home and need it to not overcook while I am away. I have also had a Kitchenaide and I loved it, but sadly the crock cracked on me and I couldnt afford to replace it :( This is just my personal experience with what I have used. I am sure if I was to use any other brand would be the same. I am also looking to get a bigger, maybe oval one soon so I can make more in it. A slow cooker is a busy moms best friend. Hope this helps you make a choice on what to purchase. Look for what works best for you and your family. A slow cooker works best if it is at least half full so make sure the one your purchase will be used that way, in other words do not get one too big or your food will not cook properly. I always spray my crock with cooking spray to make for easy clean up. If you have anymore questions please feel free to contact me here or shoot me an email anytime...I love to help! Thanks so much for stopping by.

  3. Hi, Melissa,
    Thanks so much for your suggestions. I appreciate your time and love your blog :)
    Have a great day~

  4. Joyce Jackson in Illinois.Friday, January 06, 2017

    I am sitting here reading your recipes,and the pictures.I am getting so hungry .If it wasn't so cold today,I would head to grocery store.Will make taco pie soon,and creamsicle fluff.I am a widow so may have to invite my kids to help eat.

    1. Thanks so much for taking time out of your day to leave me a message. I hope you find many recipes to make to feed your loved ones.

  5. Hi! Thank you for all the work your put into your blog - it's more than a blog. I could probably just use yours and be set. :) I have a question ... You have on a White Lilly apron. Is White Lilly still being made? There's another - was still around in the late seventies because we used it at Wendy's (my high school spur of the moment - oh - I think I'll see if I can get a job at our new Wendy's! :) I keep wanting to put White into the name - I cannot recall and I can't find the supervisor who let me ride with him to the store. Gosh - we're so old now! Nearly married that guy. If I had, I'd not be asking you this question! Where do you find - if you do purchase it - the White Lilly? And do you think that it's probably White Lilly I'm thinking of? I'm from the Delta in MS. I was 16/17 when we went to purchase flour in '77. I want to thank you again for the wonderful recipes and your comments. Yours is a blog I truly enjoy. Take care! Sweet T (It's very interesting that you look so much like my sister-in-law!)

  6. How do you feel about the crockpot protector bags?

  7. I recently stumbled upon your page through South Your Mouth's weekend potluck and your Pineapple Sunshine Cake. Loved your story and the recipe (I LOVE pineapple!) Your story is what brought me here. Our stories are very similar in so many ways and I teared up reading yours. I lost my Dad to Hodgkin's Disease and could definitely relate to your feelings. But the songs...I sang "You are my sunshine" loyally for years for my children. My grandson, who is autistic, is my "Sunshine", not only in song, but in my heart. My granddaughter is my "Twinkle Star", not only in song, but in my heart. Thank you, my blog friend. I am subscribing to hear more and cook/bake more! Sending hugs!


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