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Welcome to my kitchen, my name is Melissa. I am just like most people out there, I am a busy mom. My husband and I met while we were both in high school. The year after graduation we were married and started our happily ever after. We were both so young and naive then. We thought we knew everything like most young people do. There have been many mountains to climb and valleys to wander but one thing is certain, our love grows deeper every day. We have two kids, our son is 20 and our daughter is almost 10. My husband and I did not set out to have kids so far apart but it is just what God intended.  We live in a rural town on the east coast of Virginia. Always living in this great state, I couldn’t see being anywhere else.

My passion for writing came at a very young age. I entered an essay contest for a local utility company and won. From then on it was my dream to be a writer. As I got older life and responsibilities pushed that dream aside, but never too far from my thoughts. Even as a young girl I wanted to write a children’s book. After years of working outside the home in a soul sucking job and tending to daily responsibilities I knew I needed to write. I was inspired by Christy Jordan of Southern Plate. I stumbled upon her blog looking for a recipe one day but I found more than that. While reading her recipe posts I felt like I was sitting right there with her living in these stories. I was instantly hooked. I followed along with her for quite some time and finally realized I could marry my two passions into one with blogging.  In March of 2011 I finally hit that publish button on my very first blog post.

My grandmothers passed when I was young and all of their wonderful recipes were lost with them. I don’t have any recipes of theirs to cherish. I look to my parents to tell me those dishes they made so I can maybe somehow come close to that. My hope is to leave a legacy for my children and all our future generations.  It has to start somewhere. My hope is that every one of you do the same. 

In 2012 I started my very first food column in Chesapeake Style Magazine. This is a local magazine that prints eight times a year with over 10,000 in circulation at each printing. My column "Served Up With Love in Style" features two recipes along with a little story. This publication is also available online for your viewing pleasure at www.chesapeakestyle.com. Articles are also archived if you would like to view past issues. I am so lucky to have met Janet the owner at a photography class. Because of her I am living a little of my dream.


In the fall of 2014 I also started writing for another local magazine, House and Home.  The format to this magazine is a little different but still centered around recipes. I am honored to be in both of these magazines.

The recipes I share here are not complicated at all. We are all super busy and life is complicated enough, feeding your family should be easy. The secret ingredient to everything in life is to put a little love into it.  Start putting that into your recipes and your family will feel it. 

For more information, contact me at melissa@servedupwithlove,com

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