Moma's Squash and the Little Farm

I seem to have gotten a case of writers block.  I think I have just had so many things thrown at me all at once all of a sudden and I am having trouble writing up a new post.  I sit down and look at all the pictures I have taken and just have a hard time coming up with how to start.  So I am gonna start this post off by just writing with hopes that it will all start flowing out. 

Our family vacation is coming up in a couple of weeks.  We have been stressing about what we were going to do.  We have not had a family vacation since before my daughter turned 1, she will be five the end of August.  Due to sickness when my daughter was really little and then my husband had some health issues and then 3 lay offs we just didn't have the funds to do anything, or I didn't have the vacation time left to take. I feel this year it is important for us to go away to reconnect as a family since my husband is working all the time, he is off when I am working so it doesn't leave us much time to spend together.  Staying home is not an option because we will just get stuck in our same little rut.  We have narrowed down where we want to go we just have to figure out the details.

On a recent walk around our little neighborhood we saw a baby deer feeding in a field across from our house.  We were just in awe at how it just continued to graze and would look up at us every now and again.  I am sure its moma was not far away and this was probably one of its first attempts to venture out on its own.  It did not seem scared of us, it was probably wondering "what is that looking at me." We gradually walked our way on by and let it continue to graze.  I so wish I had my camera, what a beautiful sight it was to see.  My daughter caught sight of this little deer again yesterday morning as we were heading out.  I didn't see it but she was excited.  We also saw along the way rabbits in some of the neighbors yards.  The more we walked the more rabbits we saw.  This sparked a conversation with my daughter about what animals we raised growing up.  I started telling her about our cow that that we had, Toby.  He was actually a bull that my parents raised.  I became so fond of Toby and would go out and talk to him and I was fascinated at my pet. This was until the one day my Dad told me he was going to go to a big farm where is was gonna be a lot happier.  This made me very sad.  Little did I know my parents were raising this bull to feed us.  I care not to think about that and I want to still think he is still grazing on that big farm and is very happy.  We also had rabbits and chickens.  We had quite the little farm in our little yard.  I had no idea at that age that these were actually for us to eat. I am sure the up keep for raising these animals became too much because eventually we no longer raised any animals.  I have fond memories of our little farm.

I really don't remember if we had a garden.  I do remember going to my Nanny's house and digging potatoes.  They had a lot of other veggies but I remember this the most since you have to dig them up.  I was fascinated at how you could do that.  My parents now plant a garden every year.  The garden is planted in boxes so they are limited on what they grow but my Mom loves to garden.  We also have planter boxes in our yard and plant a few veggies each year now.  It is so rewarding when you harvest your crop.  My love of gardening comes from my Mom.  I wish I could expand my garden and plant more, maybe next year. 

I want to share my Moms Squash recipe with you today.  My husband was a very, very picky eater.  Over the last 19 years we have been married his palette has evolved and you would be amazed at the variety of foods he eats now.  This recipe is one of those recipes he loves.  I think he could just eat this and be happy.  It really is that good.  Lets get to this recipe.

Squash and Country Ham Pieces

Slice up the squash in thin slices

In the meantime, cook about  3 ounces of ham pieces and a little onion in a saute pan.

Once the ham pieces and onion have cooked a little add the sliced squash with salt, pepper and you guessed it, Ms. Dash Table Blend.  This is what I have on hand, I'm sure Mom does not add this. Add about a cup of water and cook covered on medium to medium low heat for about 20-30 minutes.
The country ham adds such great flavor to this dish. I hope to get to try this soon.  I will be cooking up a mess of these soon too, thanks to my garden.
Served Up With Love!
Moma's Squash

2-3 medium squash
3 ounces country ham pieces
1/2 small onion ( or more if you like onion)
1 cup of water
salt and pepper to taste
Ms. Dash Table Blend (optional)

Slice squash in thin slices, in meantime saute 3 ounces country ham pieces with 1/2 a small onion.  Add squash slices and a cup of water.  Cook, covered on medium to medium low heat for about 20-30 minutes. Enjoy.

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  1. I love stewed squash! I never added ham to mine. I will next time. I add a touch of red pepper to give it a bit of kick, just a pinch or so.

  2. Growing up, I always wished I lived on a farm. But it's probably best that I didn't--I would've been too attached to the animals like you and your Toby.

    My mom used to cook squash something like this (bacon instead of the ham). I had forgotten all about it.

  3. Veronica and Michelle, thanks so much for visiting and reading my blog! The country ham makes a huge difference in this recipe. I hope you both get to try it soon. Michelle, its really funny but I had forgotten about all our animals until our little walk the other day. Sometimes you just have to stop and breathe to enjoy the little things in life!

  4. I love grandma's squash recipe, I always make squash for me and Tenley but I didn't think about putting the ham in it. Great idea. Will try that next time.

  5. I love the recipe and the story. You and I seem cook alike. :D ~hugs~

  6. Looks great! Would love to have you link up to Turning the Table Thursday with this or any other recipe.

    Around My Family Table

  7. Thanks for linking this with Garden Variety Wednesday!


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