How to Make Slow Cooker Macaroni & Cheese with Easy Clean-Up

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At all family gatherings I am always asked to bring the macaroni and cheese. Seriously, I think they would not allow me to come if I didn't have a BIG pan of it in tow. So you can imagine I make it a lot!  My traditional Macaroni & Cheese recipe requires making a bechamel sauce and then baking it in the oven. We do love it so but sometimes I just need a helping hand when the family is begging me to make it. Here enters the Slow Cooker Macaroni & Cheese. 

I have made several slow cooker macaroni and cheese recipes trying to get it just right. With each one, there was just something that just didn't hit it out of the park for me. But that has all changed with this recipe. It is the perfect blend of creamy and cheesy and will certainly tame your cravings.

So let's get real here for just a minute. Do you see all that baked on cheese around the edges?  That can be such a pain to clean up. The house that we live in is a rental and unfortunately there is no dishwasher. Say what??  Y'all, I mess up a LOT of dishes testing out recipes and have to HAND wash EACH and EVERY one of them AND to top it off I can be a super messy cook. Like I said, I am just keeping it real!! Washing dishes has to be my least favorite chore around the house. Please tell me I am not alone in that?

Since I do SO many dishes I need a dish cloth that will stand up to the job. (And trust me, I have tried quite a few) When I came across these Scotch-Brite® Scrubbing Dish Cloths in Walmart I knew I had to give them a whirl. The best part, I had a coupon to save $1 on any two Scotch-Brite Products (Scrub Sponges, Lint Rollers and Scrubbing Dish Cloths). 

The new Scotch-Brite® Scrubbing Dish Cloth combines the best of a high quality dish cloth with the power of Scotch-Brite® scrubbing dots for quicker and easier clean up. Gone are the days of having to use your nails or a knife to clean up certain messes. They are fully washable, reusable and sturdy. It features two sides with scrubbing dots that takes cleaning to a whole new level so you can do even more, including tackling stuck on messes like that cheese. 

They come in a 2-pack in a 5 different colors. I grabbed the coral color because I like colorful things. Colorful things just make me happy. If I have to wash dishes, I need it to brighten my day and this coral color was perfect for that. They are new so if you don't see them in your store yet, get that manager on board and have them ordered!

For more inspiration, check out these other great recipes and cleaning tutorials here. Some of my friends that have dishwashers say they hardly use them. What??  I would be rocking that dishwasher all the time.  Inquiring minds want to know, what is your least favorite chore to do around the house?  

Slow Cooker Macaroni & Cheese

3 cups of cheddar cheese, grated ( I prefer sharp)
12 oz evaporated milk
3 cups of whole milk
16 oz macaroni (uncooked)
8 oz cream cheese
1/4 cup butter
1/4 cup of Parmesan cheese, grated

Combine all ingredients into your slow cooker. Stir and cook on high for 2 - 3 hours. Periodically stir the ingredients as it cooks to combine. Some slow cookers run hotter than others so make sure to check this around the 1 1/2 hour mark for doneness.  Enjoy! 

*For this recipe I used the Casserole Crock Pot but you can use any slow cooker for this recipe.

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  1. That's definitely the easiest mac and cheese I've seen. What a great idea to do it in the slow cooker. #client

    1. Thanks Michelle! It certainly was a winner for me and couldn't be any easier to make!


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