Nutter Butter Christmas Cookies

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Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year. My daughter and I do a lot of baking and making treats to enjoy and to share with loved ones. It is our opportunity to spend a little quality time together. 

Using already pre-made cookies saves so much time and allows you to be just a little more creative. These Nutter Butter Christmas Cookies were a cinch to make and were super easy for my daughter, who is 9, to really get in there and lend a hand. 

First thing we needed to do was to go shopping. We hit up our local Walmart and stocked up on Nutter Butter cookies and all our supplies. All the items needed were readily available at the store so we didn't have to go hunting around for what we were looking for. 

You can use candy melts, chocolate chips, or almond bark. My preference is almond bark because it is so simple to use. The key to remember with almond bark is to make sure to not let any water get in. If your utensils or the container you are using to melt it has any water in it, it will separate and become a mess. All you do is break off the desired amount of almond bark and place in a container in the microwave for 90 seconds. Take it out, stir it, and continue for 15 second intervals until it is all melted and smooth. Then you are ready to get to work. I usually melt almond bark in a coffee cup or glass measuring cup. That way I have a handle to make it even easier. 

The almond bark will harden as it cools so you need to make sure you have all your items ready to put together. You can also place it back into the microwave in 15 second intervals until it is smooth. 

For the pops, I used a lollipop stick. To insure that it would stay put, I carefully opened the cookie and dipped the stick into the almond bark and pushed it into the peanut butter filling. I then added the top, and carefully set aside for it to harden. For the reindeer, I also placed the corner of the pretzels in the bark and arranged before adding the top cookie. Once everything was hardened, I dipped the cookies into the desired almond bark and placed on wax paper.  Make sure to place your decorative items into the almond bark while it is still warm. Once it hardens, you will have to add more warmed almond bark to attach the candies. As you place it on the warmed almond bark, press down slightly so that it will adhere. 

For the Santa belts we used red candy melts and a candy decorating kit found in the cake decorating section of the store. I love how these turned out. 

Candy eyes and mini candy covered chocolate pieces were used for the buttons and noses of the reindeer. I purposely placed Mr. Reindeer's eyes a little wonky. It gives him so much character. Remember, it is all about having fun. 

These were so fun to make and we shared many laughs and smiles. The best part though, was when we were able to eat them. I know this is a memory that my daughter and myself will cherish for years to come. 

So head on into the kitchen and make some memories with your kids or Grand kids. To help you do just that, here is a coupon for the Nutter Butter Cookies

So how do you decorate your cookies? Looking for more inspiration?  Check out Delicious Moments of for a ton of ideas. 

Nutter Butter Christmas Cookies

1 lb chocolate almond bark
1 lb vanilla almond bark
1 16 oz Nutter Butter Cookies
Assorted candies, pretzels, candy eyes, lollipop sticks, colored candy melt, Santa belt decorating kit (optional) 

Melt the almond bark in the microwave for 90 seconds, stir and continue to warm in 15 second intervals until smooth. Dip the cookies in the desired bark and decorate with assorted candies. Place on way paper until hardened and enjoy. 

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  1. Oh how adorable! Nothing better than spending time in the kitchen with your favorite kiddos making memories. Very creative. Love these - so happy you shared with us at Weekend Potluck! Blessings on your Christmas season!


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