Mummy Dogs at What's for Supper Sunday #8

Do you struggle every week with what to fix for supper?  That is the #1 question I get asked every single day from my husband. "what's for supper?" Planning our meals has helped us tremendously. It helps me know what I am making for supper and keeps him from asking me over and over again  about what we are having that night. For this weeks meal plan some comfort food is mixed in with a little fun. Of course, there has to be a little dessert in the mix too. Every Halloween I make these Mummy Dogs and the kids (and adults!) just love them. They are easy to pick up and eat just before heading out the door to take the kids trick or treating. Click on any of the recipe titles to take you directly to the recipe. Here's to planning out another great week! 


Tuesday- Happy Halloween!




Kitchen's Closed



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