Watermelon Lemonade Popsicles

Making my own popsicles bring back memories of my childhood. When we were kids we would fill ice trays up with kool-aid and have our own little popsicles.  They were such a treat for us back then. Both of my kids have been cursed by some kind of allergy to a food, their bodies purge the offender and then they will break out in hives. When our son started with this problem we had him tested. They could not figure out what he was allergic to. We were told it was a preservative or an additive and only trial and error would figure it out. We never really figured his out, thankfully he has pretty much outgrown his. His doctor told us he hopefully would do that. When our daughter started showing the same symptoms as he did it did not take us long to figure out what was wrong. The only thing we could figure out is that maybe it is red foods. We had her tested for red dye and other foods and again no answers. So here we are with her trying to figure that out. We know that ketchup and pepperonis cause her issues. We have been told to change up brands to decipher what it could be. She is not too willing to try these red foods just yet. If you pay attention to most candy, kids drinks, and popsicles you will notice a lot are red. She stays away from these foods.  I guess we drilled it in her head for so long she is scared to try them. Her doctor says she may never want to try these foods and that is OK. Hopefully when she is ready she too will have outgrown it. I try to make some fun foods for her that I know she can eat that are red. This watermelon lemonade being one of them. So I took this a step further and made her popsicles with it. The verdict, she loves them.

Watermelon Lemonade Popsicles

Watermelon Lemonade (recipe here)
small cups
popsicle sticks

Pour the watermelon lemonade into the cups and place in a glass baking dish and place in the freezer. Check these in about 30 to an hour, once they are a little frozen add your popsicle stick in the center and continue to freeze until hard. When ready, pull out of the freezer, run warm water around the cup until it releases and enjoy.

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