Crock Pot Potato Soup

Last weekend I had a little teaser photo posted on facebook of this soup.  I was so surprised by the response to share the recipe.  I did a quick little run down of the recipe until I could get this posted.  I love potato soup and wanted to make my own.  I set out on a quest to try to see if I could get it right.  Its taken a couple of tries but I finally got this down.  My Mom has even told me that this is just like my Grandma used to make.  Some of you that have followed my blog from the beginning know that one of my main reasons for starting this blog was to try to recreate those recipes from my Grandmas that were lost with them. Since I lost them when I was young, I do not really remember those great dishes they made.  I rely on my parents to share that with me. I can in turn pass these "almost" Grandma recipes down to our future generations.  So when my Mom told me this was like hers I knew I would not change a thing. 

This can be just a little time consuming with all the chopping of the veggies but in the end it is so worth it. Bacon is the key ingredient here and makes this dish over the top.  I have used leftover ham before and it fails in comparison to the bacon.  The bacon lends a great smokey flavor to this soup.  Country ham biscuits are a great side kick to this soup. 

When we had this for leftovers the next day for lunch I made the comment "mmm this is much better"  and my 5 year old daughter chimed in with "mmmm it is really good today"  I thought that was just too cute not to share.  Future chef in the making! 

Crock Pot Potato Soup

5 lb bag of potatoes, peeled and chopped
3 stalks celery, chopped,
chopped onion or powder (all I had)
about 6 slices bacon, cooked and chopped
chicken broth or bouillon cubes, I used 5 cubes
water to cover
good dash of pepper

Heavy cream, milk, evaporated milk about 1 cup or more depending on size of your crock pot

Add all ingredients into a crock pot, except the cream (my crock pot is a 6 quart I believe) and cook for 6-8 hours on low.
30 minutes before done add heavy cream, milk, or I only had evaporated milk (evaporated milk made this really creamy and I will use that from now on)


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  1. We share a love of potato soup and of our crock pots!! <3 thank so much for sharing with me at the Soup Supper!!


  2. This looks so heartwarming. Thanks for sharing at Foodie Friends Friday!

  3. I love my slow cooker! This recipe looks like a keeper :)
    your newest follower

  4. How much Chicken Broth in this recipe, if you don't use Bouillon

  5. I cover the potatoes, so at least 5-6 cups depending on your crock pot size.

  6. What type of potato is best for this recipe. I fear the golden potatoes would break down and become mushy. Thanks for your early reply.

    1. Russet potatoes tend to fall apart so I try to use white potatoes. But I have used whatever I have on hand or what is on sale.


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