Fully Loaded Burger Bowls at What's for Supper Sunday #35

Fully Loaded Burger Bowls

Y'all, its the middle of July? Summer is whizzing on by us! We have certainly enjoyed our grill this summer and have made burgers so many times its hard to count. These fully loaded burger bowls are all the we love about burgers but without all those carbs. I'm a carb-aholic so I try to cut them here and there when I can. You seriously never miss the buns with these.  The crock pot will be loaded up this week with Crock Pot Pepperoncini Beef and Fall off the bone Slow Cooker Ribs. And the grill will be loaded up with Smokehouse Burger and Honky-Tonk Tequila Lime Steak. And we can't forget the dessert, Mile High Lemonade Pie is so bright and refreshing and perfect for summer.  

Fully Loaded Burger Bowls, Honky Tonk Tequila Lime Steak, Crab Cakes Mile High Lemonade Pie and more at What's for Supper Sunday meal plan over at Served Up With Love.

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Tuesday – Smokehouse Burgers

Friday – Crab Cakes

Saturday – Hamburger Hash

Side​ ​Suggestions

Dessert​ ​Suggestion

Lunch Suggestion

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