Moma's Vegetable Soup at What's for Supper Sunday #2

I received so many wonderful messages and comments about how much y'all loved What's for Supper Sunday last week. I am so glad this new feature is helping all of you come up with your meal planning for the week. Last week our daughter caught a nasty virus, basically just a bad cold. Well, she shared her germs with her father and I so we have been a little under the weather for a few days. Even though we both have felt crappy, we have certainly enjoyed catching up on some Netflix. And I guess I needed to take a break too. 

So for this weeks What's for Supper Sunday I decided we needed some good ol' comfort food.  As always, we are basic with the side dishes. Depending on what we are having, it is usually a veggie of some sort, a bread if appropriate, or potatoes or rice. Nothing fancy, just whatever we feel like that night. I hope you find a little inspiration here to plan out your week of meals. And of course we need a few sweet treats for the week too. Have a great week friends! 








This weeks sweet treats-


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